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    Department Stores Aimed at store coverage throughout China

    Mianyang New World Department Store

    Mianyang New World Department Store

    General Information


    Mianyang New World Department Store is located at the intersection of Linyuan Road, Fule Road and Changhong Road in Mianyang City, enjoying convenient transportation. Situated in the second largest business circle of Mianyang City, the store is surrounded by thriving retail and residential areas. Processing excellent geographic location, it is also the important CBD planned by Mianyang government with high traffic flow.

    Year of Opening

    December 2011

    Operation Time

    Mon - Fri, opens at 10:00?
    Sat - Sun, opens at 09:30
    Sun - Thur, closed at 22:00
    Fri - Sat, closed at 22:30


    Living Gallery

    Gross Floor Area

    Approx 35,000 square meters

    Contact Information

    Address: 72 Eastern Linyuan Road, Fucheng District, Mianyang City, Sichuan, China Map
    Postal Code: 621000
    Tel:?(86-816) 232 5777
    Fax:?(86-816) 230 5777
    Complaint Tel:?(86-816) 234 0208
    Enquiry Tel:?(86-816) 234 0208
    Weibo Weixin

    Floors & Merchandise Mix


    Cosmetics, Jewellery and Watches, Lady’s Shoes, Tobacco and Liquor, HK Style Dessert, Ice-cream, Bakery, Customer Service Centre, Digital Products


    Lady’s Fashion and Business Wear, Men’s Business Wear, Lady’s Leather Goods and Accessories, Western Fast Food


    Young Lady’s Fashion, Young Lady’s Handbags and Accessories, Lady’s Underwear, Coffee Shop, Beauty Salon


    Men’s Causal Wear, Men’s Leather Goods and Shoes, Sport and Casual Wear, Digital Products, Children’s Wear and Toys, Children’s Playground, Fitness Equipment


    Chinese/Western/HK Style Food and Beverages, Tea, Health Care Food, Imported Food, Group Purchase Centre

    Core Business
    • Department Stores Wuhan Chongqing Shenyang Changsha Harbin Chengdu Yantai Tianjin Nanjing Beijing Zhengzhou Shanghai Mianyang Kunming Xi’an Lanzhou Yanjiao
    • Cards
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